The Antithesis of Combat: “It’s Mine”

“It’s mine.”
(by elijah)

The “children” on the other side of the valley would have been very surprised, but welcoming. Decades would have passed without anyone to observe, talk or play. They would be happy to give chocolate to the prairie children and let them play with their toys. They would also have heard about the different types of toys the children from below would have, and would be more than happy to taste the meat they would have brought. Their valley would be too narrow to allow cattle to be raised, and all they would have would be goats and poultry. Only then would they realize how fed up they were with goat meat. They would propose to provide more chocolate if the prairie kids brought them more meat, and an agreement would be made cheerfully. But something strange would happen when the prairie kids asked for toys in exchange for even more meat. The kids on the mountain would not agree to trade their toys.

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