Potency and Act

I have the potency to act. I have the potency to write. Every one has. Only the perfect act has not potency anymore. An act is relative to its proper potency. The perfect act relative to the potency of writing is the Iliad, Moby Dick, Dune. Potency is imperfection. Most acts are also imperfect, only less. The prototypical imperfect act of writing is what I am doing right now.


Whatever is is itself. It can not be and not be at the same time in the same respect. It is either what it is or it is not. No middle term. Just look and see. You can’t prove it. But in denying you accept it. Otherwise stop talking. If anything goes, than this is that and that is this. If anything goes, everything is everything else. All is one. No need to say yes or no. In either case, you are a plant. You too, Protagoras.

Parmenides was right. Only not completely. For Heraclitus was right. Only not completely. Movement does exist. Potency actualizes in act. That’s movement. But potency itself does not move.

Passive potency is an indeterminate substratum receiving a first perfect act. Matter receives form and constitute the entity. Active potency is a formed entity capable of acting. Entity acts its second act. And third, and fourth. Mere accidents. ACcidenTs have ACT in them.

Act is perfect before potency. Potency becomes perfect. Act is known before potency. Potency becomes known through act. Act can cause. Potency can’t. Act precedes potency. Potency does not precede act. The chicken came first. And something came before it. But God came before everything. Pure act.

Potency is subject, limit, participant, multiplier of act. Act acts on potency, only on its potency, which participates, which can be in many places. Act talks; many listen. Multiplication. Potency and act constitute entity. Potency and act make one. So much for their relations.

So much for potency and act.





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